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Our Vision

Connecting All People of the Diaspora through Economic Development.

Our vision is to create a continental structure that will facilitate the coming together of neighboring countries for the purpose of good will and to become drivers of the global market economy by initiating a program of global facilitation emanating from North Carolina as its base of operations.

Kumasi Ghana

Our Sister City

Promote Digital Trade

Ensure Fair Competition

Stand for Human Rights

Promote Developement

Our Focus


we seek to connect the community first through knowledge and this grows into opportunities. Those opportunities become fiscal commodities as we grow not only the business but the individual. One way we facilitate this is through working with the PAN AFRICAN EMERGING LEADERS PROGRAM that filters emerging leaders into Africa National Chamber of Commerce. We in turn position those leaders for success with our network of resources.


A growing business will need healthy members. Our resource center includes plans for providing healthcare services and health tourism.


Without transportation, it is impossible to build the transcontinental conglomerate necessary to see both the United States of America thrive along with its sister cities.


Sustainable infrastructure in utilities, healthcare, construction, sun, earth, wind, and water is a collective effort ANCOC plans to bridge resources on a continual basis across the international relations in both urban and rural areas.


This is one of the most substantial components to generating sustainability by fully utilizing the land on both continents to enhance both nations. This will be a huge component of the education and workforce model.

Media Technology

Information connections are necessary to perpetuate the mission of ANCOC and enhance its membership as well as international partnerships.


Social protection in communities, wherever they go, wherever they live, work and play they are safe. Creative innovation in our local markets. Sustainability - in programs and small businesses.


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